About Us

A modest beginning

Mission2Write is dedicated to writing excellence. Our service began as a dream between two technical writing documentation project managers in early 2000.

Seeing the explosion of multiple social media platforms and the global fascination with brief, punchy messaging, the founders of Mission2Write recognized that communication at the speed of the click of a button wasn't a passing fad, but an ever-evolving trend.

Old is new...

The founders, Tammey Dunn and Krystal Livingston, also recognized that the necessity for speed gave rise to another way of communicating. Emojis, emoticons, and other shorthand codes dominated the platforms. We knew that communicating with pictures wasn't a new concept and had been part of the human experience since humankind could scrawl on a cave wall or pick up a papyrus reed dipped in ink.

A parent's promise

What was new was now this mode of communication was becoming accessible and adaptable worldwide. If you could push a button, you could send your message around the world. In the founders' eyes, the issue wasn't the way of communicating, but where. Non-standard writing was now creeping from the computer chat sessions into the classrooms.

Parents first, and professional writers second, the founders of Mission2Write wanted a way to support critical writing skills for our children. We began as education enrichment classes offered as part of Houston's public library system.

Our mission was to hone those skills starting at a young age so that when our students reached higher education, organizing complex thoughts and putting them on paper (and now computers, tablets, and smartphones) wouldn't be a struggle.

It's now 2022. The times and tools may change. The mission has not.

As founding Mission2Write members have transitioned to other projects, the mission remains the same — to help those with something to say find their voice. We are still advocates for the written word.

Our services are for children and the child-at-heart. They include advisory topics such as idea generation, content outlining, draft reviews, editing, and self-publishing consultation.

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